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About Me

My name is Gary

Illustrator, Artist and Graphic Designer


“I’ve always had a passion for illustration”.

Gary Chestney has always had a passion for illustration since childhood. Growing up, his ambitions in life was to start his own creative design studio which he achieved in 2018 with his company GC Creative Co, and publish books with his illustrations which was also achieved in 2022 with the release of N is for The Nanny

He started working as a Graphic Designer in 2011, mostly working with corporate businesses but later branched out to start helping smaller businesses that were looking to start their own brands. His passion for being creative allows him to create exciting brands and identities for small businesses. 

Gary has always considered himself to be diverse in many art forms such as illustration, painting, mixed media, and character creation. His imagination is open ended and creativity comes from the inspiration of other like-minded creatives.

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